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Some New and Exciting Bush Tucker/Edible Seed Lines in stock now!

We have just starting picking our first crop of Atherton Raspberry - Rubus probus, a tropical Australian native Raspberry so we have super fresh seeds available in stock and picking more each day. This is super easy to grow, I found them a little slow to start germinating, but when they did, they went crazy! They are delicious, being a little less strong as the regular Raspberry but tasty nonetheless, they are a little spiky but manageable, just be sure to plant them in a contained bed in full sun as they do have a tendency to spread.


Another delicious Bush Tucker line we have in stock now is Mountain Pepper - Tasmannia lanceolata, this is a great Australian native pepper that grows very well in colder climates. It is quite ornamental as well as being a Bush Tucker food, flowers are quite pretty and stems are a lovely red colour and looks good as a specimen bush or even as a hedge or screen.

Note - to have fruit, you will need both a male and female plant.

The flowers leaves and berries are all edible and have a spicy peppery flavour, the berries are perfect for using as a substitute for regular pepper! I think that the flavour is fantastic!


Looking for some native greens? We've got them - Tetragona tetragonoides - Warrigal Green/Native Spinach! These are a delicious alternative to spinach or silverbeet, they do need to be blanched for 1 minute in boiling water before eating and are excellent in quiches!

It is a low growing prostrate spreading annual in colder climates or a short lived perennial in warmer regions with semi-succulent leaves, it grows very well in coastal areas.


One of my favourite fruits to eat is Pomegranate - Punica granatum and we have them back in stock now! As well as being a pretty shrub with funky looking fruits that are a tasty treat to eat on its own, in a salad, with yoghurt or turned into a delicious syrup it can be trained into an awesome Bonsai specimen! It is very forgiving with root and stem pruning and with its smaller leaves when young, it is makes a great specimen for a beginner Bonsai enthusiast.


Grow your own Macadamia tree with our freshly collected seeds, Macadamias are revered for their unique flavour and grow into a handsome tree. Macadamias are fantastic used in both sweet and savoury applications, my favourite way to use them is in a delicious Macadamia and Butterscotch Tart!


Feijoa sellowiana - Pineapple Guava/Guavasteen is a gorgeous ornamental shrub native to South American, it has lovely pink and red flowers en masse in Spring to Summer, followed by the oblong green fruits that have tough skin with flesh that is a little gritty in texture that tastes like a mixture of pineapple, guava, strawberry and banana, well that's what it tastes like to me, I'm sure everyone has their own flavour profile for this one!

Makes a great informal hedge or screen or even trained as an espalier but to get fruit you will need two plants.


Alpinia caerulea - Native Ginger and Alpinia caerulea Red Back - Red Back Native Ginger.

This makes a great background plant with its beautiful leafy foliage that can be used as a food wrapping for food, as well as the underground rhizome that can be treated as ordinary Ginger used raw and cooked in sweet and savoury dishes or teas.

The flowers attract bees and other insects and other animals hide among the clumps at the base and looks great in the garden!


Hibiscus sabdariffa - Rosella, this stunner grows so well in our gardens, I think it's a beautiful garden specimen as well as being an old favourite adopted Bush Tucker species. It has interesting lobed foliage with deep red stems and pretty white to pinkish flowers that turn into the weird red fruits that look out of this world! The fruits can be turned into syrups or jams or just be left on the bush to add visual interest to your garden!


Would you like to grow your own Bay Tree and use your own Bay Leaves? We have super fresh seeds in stock now so you can start growing this now! It makes a great garden plant, can be used as a privacy screen, topiary, hedge or feature plant and with its deep green leathery foliage, deep red branches and in Spring clusters of fluffy greenish yellow flowers occur which are then followed by glossy purple to black berries (only growing on female plants, so a male and female is required if you want fruit) it does look pretty.

Leaves can be used in a variety of dishes, either dried or fresh so why not grow your own?


Moringa oleifera - The Miracle Tree is a very versatile and easy to grow tree or shrub with all plant parts being edible and used for food and fodder! Leaflets are light green, oblong and feathery and waxy, fragrant white flowers occur in Summer, these are followed by long angled pods that split open to expel numerous winged seeds. This tree flowers within two years and can be pruned back hard to make harvesting easier or more manageable in the garden.

We have heaps more Bush Tucker varieties available on our Seedy Shop, check it out to see if we can help you with any of your requirements or browse the rest of the store for other seeds that you might be interested in!

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