Some New and Exciting Bush Tucker/Edible Seed Lines in stock now!

We have just starting picking our first crop of Atherton Raspberry - Rubus probus, a tropical Australian native Raspberry so we have super fresh seeds available in stock and picking more each day. This is super easy to grow, I found them a little slow to start germinating, but when they did, they went crazy! They are delicious, being a little less strong as the regular Raspberry but tasty nonetheless, they are a little spiky but manageable, just be sure to plant them in a contained bed in full sun as they do have a tendency to spread.


Another delicious Bush Tucker line we have in stock now is Mountain Pepper - Tasmannia lanceolata, this is a great Australian native pepper that grows very well in colder climates. It is quite ornamental as well as being a Bush Tucker food, flowers are quite pretty and stems are a lovely red colour and looks good as a specimen bush or even as a hedge or screen.