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Laurus nobilis - Bay Tree - 25 seeds

Laurus nobilis - Bay Tree - 25 seeds


This is a slow growing upright, hardy evergreen tree that can reach up to 15m in its native habitat of Northern Africa, Western Asia and Southern Europe unpruned but usually more like 5 - 6m in cultivation, with deep green, lanceolate foliage that is leathery and aromatic and red brown branches and in Spring, yellow buds occur and open up to clusters of fluffy green to yellow flowers.

The flowers are then followed by glossy, purple black berries on female plants in Summer through to Autumn.


Best to grow in full sun to part shade in well drained rich and moist soil, it is best to mulch in Summer. 

Laurus tolerates frost, coastal conditions and responds well to pruning which increases plant vigour and bushiness. It is a waterwise and low maintenance plant but be sure to water well until established and feed twice a year with a complete plant food and liquid fertiliser.


Can be hedged or topiaried, used as a screen, in containers, the leaves are used in cooking and yield an essential oil that is used in perfumery.

Pick leaves at any time and dry them in direct sunshine and store in an airtight container for use in cooking.

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