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Rubus probus - Atherton Raspberry / Wild Native Raspberry - 20 seeds

Rubus probus - Atherton Raspberry / Wild Native Raspberry - 20 seeds

A delicious Australian native raspberry that thrives in the tropics!
No shipment to WA or TAS
This Australian native raspberry grows 1 - 2m tall as a dense prickly bush with an upright, suckering and sprawing habit, light green foliage and red to orange-red coloured raspberries that are larger than the average raspberry about 4 - 5cm wide, these start in Autumn through to the Winter but is also known to produce fruit throughout most of the year in some regions. The fruit is ready to be picked when it is red and almost falling off the bush, that is when it is ripe. They are milder than other raspberries but can be eaten fresh or can be cooked into jams, syrups, chutneys or however you please!
An Atherton raspberry bush can produce up to 3kg of fruit per plant!
Grows best in loamy well drained soils in full sun to part shade, can be grown in pots to keep in check from taking over garden beds. It is frost tender.
Prune out old unproductive canes at the base in Spring.
It is self pollinating so only one plant is needed to produce fruit, plants start producing fruit in one year.
Makes a great gap filler, grown on a trellis, in pots on patios or balconies, garden beds, attracts birds, bees and insects.

This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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