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Tetragona tetragonoides - Warrigal Greens / Native Spinach - 20 seeds

Tetragona tetragonoides - Warrigal Greens / Native Spinach - 20 seeds


This is a prostrate spreading annual in colder climates or a short lived perennial in warmer areas that is semi-succulent with rhombic to lanceolate leaves to 10cm long and fruit that is subglobose, 10-12mm in diameter, woody and winged, mostly 4 - 6mm, usually 2 larger than the rest, the seeds are light brown and numerous.


Tetragona is found growing naturally along the coast lines in Australia - QLD, VIC, WA, SA and NSW, New Zealand, Chile, Japan and Argentina.

It is a pioneer species that helps convert foredune resources (eg decomposing seaweed and other available biomass) into the beginnings of soil.

It grows in between beach and soil based land and is found under trees on the edge of sands meet soil habitat or where there is a large amount of decomposing seaweed at the storm tide mark along dunes and estuaries.

Although it is typically coastal but is also found in sandy soils near the Brigalow Belt.


They can grow as a sprawling mat or in small pockets here and there.

Survives salt spray in coastal gardens and can also withstand hot dry Summer weather when real spinach dies off.

It also will self seed readily and become widespread.


Warrigal Greens have a high oxalic acid content so it must be blanched before using - dip in boiling water for 1 minute, drains and squeeze out the water.  

It can be used in place of spinach in pies, quiches, pastas, pesto, dumplings or whatever you like really!


This listing is for premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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