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Tasmannia lanceolata - Mountain Pepper / Pepperberry - 20 seeds

Tasmannia lanceolata - Mountain Pepper / Pepperberry - 20 seeds

A great Bush Tucker Pepper with edible flowers, leaves and berries!
This Australian native is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 8m tall in its native habitat in the woodlands and cool temperate rainforests in SE Australia - TAS, VIC and Southern NSW, but usually only to 5m if left unpruned in cultivation.
The glossy green leathery leaves are narrowly elliptic, 13cm long x 0.5 - 4cm wide and have a cinnamon scent and contain essential oil, stems are reddish-purple and very attractive.
Sweet smelling yellow to creamy white flowers occur in Spring which are then followed by globular berries that turn purple to black when ripe (and if both male and female plants are present) in Autumn. Ripe berries are harvested from March to May and can be frozen to maintain freshness.
Female flowers are smaller, pale cream and only have a few petals each whereas male flowers are bigger and have many more petals.
Tasmannia lanceolata is best grown in lime-free, fertile, moist, well drained soils in part shade sheltered from hot Summer sun and drying winds. Tolerates sub zero temperatures, exposed terrains and windy sites. Add a good amount of organic matter before planting out into the garden beds and ensure plants are mulched before Summer.
The Indigenous Australians have used this as a food and medicine, flowers, leaves and berries are edible and tasty with a spicy peppery flavour.
Plants will fruit from one year onwards.
Leaves can be harvested all year but they have the best taste from February to late September before flowering.
Can be grown as a hedge, screen, as a gap filler,potted ornamental, provides shade, attracts birds, bees and insects.

This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  

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