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Punica granatum - Pomegranate - 20 seeds

Punica granatum - Pomegranate - 20 seeds


This is a multi stemmed shrub to small tree growing from 1.5m to 6m tall with a rounded habit, narrow to oblong green leaves that are a beautiful bronze colour when young and is evergreen in warmer climates. 


The trumpet to funnel shaped flowers are borne singly or in clusters at the end of branch tips in Summer, they are a showy bright red with yellow anthers, crinkly and give a great contrast against the green foliage, these are then followed by red leathery skinned fruits to 10cm across and are filled with the juicy seeds!


The fruit is filled with seeds and they are encased in juicy red flesh, (they almost resemble red jewels) and are sweetly sour and delicious.

Can be eaten raw, sprinkled on salads or yoghurt, over fruit salad or even made into a jelly or jam.

This is a great addition to a home garden, they can make an edible screen, add colour to your yard and are also bird attracting.

Can also make a good Bonsai specimen!


Best grown in a full sun position in rich soil, during the growing period (Spring and Summer) water well as well as applying a balanced liquid fertiliser monthly.  

Punica is frost hardy and drought tolerant when established.


Reduce watering in Winter - this gives a good foliage colour change in Autumn and is deciduous in cooler climates.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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