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New Seed Bundles Available Now!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

We have decided to add a few new seed bundle collections to our stores, giving our customers the opportunity to get a variety of seeds without having too many seeds left over or a heap of seedings that you don't need or don't have space for.

If you're anything like me, I love to propagate seeds but don't always have space for them, Mark is always asking where on earth are we going to put these! So we have been selling excess plants and looking to expand this further, not sure if we will be offering plants online yet but we may be in the future. If you'd be interested in that, please let us know and we will see what sort of interest we get and try to get these things going!

Introducing our new seed bundles! If you'd like to get these, they are up on the stores now!

Australian Native Bonsai Collection #1 - 100 seeds

Acacia howittii - Sticky Wattle

Allocasuarina torulosa - Forest Oak

Banksia integrifolia - Coastal Banksia

Ficus macrophylla - Moreton Bay Fig

Leptospermum petersonii - Lemon Scented Tea Tree


Exotic Bonsai Collection #1 - 75 seeds

Bolusanthus speciosus - Tree Wisteria

Cercidiphyllum japonicum - The Katsura Tree

Ficus religiosa - Sacred Fig

Sequoiadendron giganteum - Giant Sequoia

Taxodium distichum - Bald Cypress


Exotic Bonsai Collection #2 - 100 seeds

Betula pendula - Silver Birch

Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese Cedar

Cupressus funebris - Chinese Weeping Cypress

Liquidambar styraciflua - American Sweetgum

Paulownia tomentosa - Princess Tree


Ficus Bonsai Collection #1 - 100 seeds

Ficus benjamina - Weeping Fig

Ficus macrophylla - Moreton Bay Fig

Ficus obliqua - Small Leaved Fig

Ficus religiosa - Sacred Fig

Ficus retusa - Ginseng Ficus


Ficus Bonsai Collection #2 - 100 seeds

Ficus benghalensis - Banyan

Ficus coronata - Sandpaper Fig

Ficus microcarpa - Cuban Laurel

Ficus racemosa - Cluster Fig

Ficus watkinsiana - Strangler Fig


Australian Wildflower Collection - 100 seeds

Arthropodium strictum - Chocolate Lily

Brunonia australis - Blue Pincushion Flower

Ptilotus spathulatus - Pussy Tails

Pycnosorus globosus - Billy Buttons

Rhodanthe chlorocephala rosea - Pink and White Everlasting Daisies

Looking forward to hearing from you all, I do love to hear about and see photos of our seeds germinating or any requests and feedback you guys have. We want to give our customers the best products and services available so feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think or show us how you are going with propagating our seeds!

Follow us on our socials and share posts if you think others will be interested, by buying from us you are supporting a small family business and we appreciate all of you!

Happy growing!

Jazz Carter

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