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Zephyranthes robusta - Pink Rain Lily - 20 seeds

Zephyranthes robusta - Pink Rain Lily - 20 seeds


This small tropical wildflower grows 30 - 40cm tall with thin strappy foliage and grows with underground bulbs, it has pink and white Crocus type flowers from late Spring through to Autumn and also flowers well after good rains, hence the common name Rain Lily.


Seed capsules form and release the neatly packed black winged seeds from three sections.


Very easy to propagate by seed and once planted into the ground, spread readily by forming small bulbs underground.


Best in full sun to part shade in rich well drained soil that is slightly acid to neutral pH and is not salt tolerant.


Great for rockeries, borders, as a filler and looks especially stunning when planted en masse.


It can lose its leaves in dry weather but usually the soil moisture is enough to keep the leaves the leaves on the plant throughout the year, note not to disturb during the dormancy period.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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