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Xylomelum occidentale - Woody Pear - 5 seeds

Xylomelum occidentale - Woody Pear - 5 seeds

A rarely cultivated Australian native Tree and Bush Tucker species.
This is a slow growing tree or shrub growing 2 - 8m tall with epicormic buds and a twisted habit, it has dry flaky bark and oak like leaves and creamy white flowers in Summer.
The flowers are up to 8cm long spikes in clusters at the ends of branches, the pear shaped fruit contains large woody seeds with 2 wings to 9cm long, the fruits require fire to open up or for the tree to die.
This makes an excellent container plant and the woody fruits are picked for the cut flower industry.
It prefers a full sun position, to be grown in soils with excellent drainage and a well mulched root system.  Grows well in temperate regions.
It is native to WA and is found naturally growing on white or grey sands in coastal or near coastal areas.
This is rarely cultivated, probably because it takes up to 20 years for them to bear fruit, but unless you start growing them, you'll never have them!
Indigenous Australians used infusions of the leaves and bark, drank as a tea to relieve pain and seeds from the fruits can be roasted and eaten.

5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  

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