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Xanthostemon verticillatus syn Metrosideros verticillata - Mini Penda - 30 seeds

Xanthostemon verticillatus syn Metrosideros verticillata - Mini Penda - 30 seeds

A rarely offered species that is vulnerable in its native habitat with spectacular flowering over a long period!

Myrtaceae species - No shipment to WA or TAS


This is a very slow growing multi stemmed shrub to small tree reaching up to 5m in its native habitat but usually only to about 2m in cultivation, although it will take many years to reach its full height. 
This species is very rare and is limited in its natural distribution where it is listed as vulnerable, occurring in bouldery beds of the Daintree and Bloomfield area in NE QLD where it is subject to periodic inundation where it grows in the river bed and not along the banks so for several months the roots stay very wet but it grows well in other environments.
The leaves are quite narrow, 5 - 6cm long - 1 - 1.5cm wide, are arranged in whorls around the stem of 3 - 5, old leaved turn red before falling from the plant.
The main flower flush occurs in Spring to Summer but blooms throughout the year, flowers are comprised of creamy yellow filaments with 40 - 50 stamens, 15 - 20mm long with anthers 1 - 1.5mm long, the individual flowers only last a few days but are quickly replaced by new ones and the flowers occur en masse, putting on a great show!
The fruits that follow are globular, 7 - 10mm in diameter, green ripening to brown and open into 4 segments to release many flat, light tan to cream seeds, 3mm long.
This has great horticultural potential as a garden or container specimen, not often offered by seed so the time to get these is when it's in stock!
It is a very attractive rounded shrub that attracts bees, butterflies, other insects and birds and makes a beautiful garden specimen with flowers that occur prolifically for most of the year.
Best grown in full sun to part shade in fertile, moist but well drained soil, requires adequate water in dry spells.
This listing is for seeds 30 premium quality shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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