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Xanthorrhoea resinosa - Dwarf Grass Tree - 30 Seeds

Xanthorrhoea resinosa - Dwarf Grass Tree - 30 Seeds

Xanthorrhoea resinosa, commonly known as the Dwarf Grass Tree or Swamp Grass Tree, is a Dwarf Grass Tree native to eastern Australia where it is commonly found on wet, sandy soils or in swamps from Queensland to Victoria
Its trunk only reaches 50cm tall and holds a small but dense crown with countless stiff, linear, grass-like leaves. 
Like all Grass Trees it is slow growing, this one does best in temperate climates and can take some frost with ease and as this particular species is trunkless and is particularly good for confined areas, small gardens or pot culture. 
Grass Trees are very much part of the Australian landscape and uniquely Australian, they fascinated the first European settlers, since they were unlike any other known plant.  In fact, they are a living fossil developed early in the evolutionary stakes for flowering plants. 
Generally frost tolerant, all Xanthorrhoea require well drained soil and a sunny location because they are prone to root rot. 
This listing is for 30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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