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Xanthorrhoea glauca - Queensland Blue Grass Tree - 30 seeds

Xanthorrhoea glauca - Queensland Blue Grass Tree - 30 seeds


Xanthorrhoea glauca, the Queensland Blue Grass Tree, is another of the well known Grass Tree varieties but with some very real differences.  As with all the Grass Trees it takes many years to develop a significant trunk - this one in time can become huge with a trunk from one to 4m.

However this species is no slouch in the growth category, in three years, radiating leaves will make a fine specimen plant - approximately two to three times the speed of other commonly grown grass tree species.  And it will go from seed to seed in about 6 to 7 years, flowering it flowers young. 


An additional feature is that the grass on this one has an attractive and distinctive blue tint to it and when it is in bloom, the tall grass sets off the white flowering kangaroo tail flower spike which is highly attractive to nectar seeking birds and bees. 

This species is moderately frost tolerant to about -4°C and drought resistant. 

It likes a well drained sunny spot in well composted soil.

Propagation from seed is easy and straight forward although seed is not often available.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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