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Xanthorrhoea fulva - Wallum Grass Tree - 30 seeds

Xanthorrhoea fulva - Wallum Grass Tree - 30 seeds


Xanthorrhoea fulva, commonly known as the Swamp or Wallum Grass Tree is a trunkless, tufting grass tree that occurs naturally  in primarily near coastal locations from Rockhampton in Queensland to Wyong in New South Wales.


As with other Grass Trees that do not appear to have a trunk, Xanthorrhoea fulva is extensive below ground, in this case growing from one or more subterranean stems. 


It is evergreen and the foliage is blue green to blue grey, produces a densely hairy flower spike and flowers from late Winter to Spring.  These velvety cream to beige coloured flowering spikes are perhaps its most distinctive feature and they are nectar producing so very popular with nectar feeding birds.


This species occurs in wet sandy soils and in cultivation requires a well drained soil to reduce the risk of root rot. It is best in a full sun position.  It is moderately frost tolerant - about -3°C.


30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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