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Wahlenbergia stricta - Native Bluebell - 50 seeds

Wahlenbergia stricta - Native Bluebell - 50 seeds


This is an uncommonly cultivated Australian Native herbaceous perennial growing from 40 - 90cm tall with soft linear leaves and blue (rarely white) in Spring through to Autumn borne on long thin stems.  The individual flowers are open bells 15 - 25mm in diameter with 5 petals and a white throat, petals are said to be edible. 


Wahlenbergia makes a fantastic feature when planted en masse in a full sun to part shaded position in a moist but not overly waterlogged area.  


Found growing in all states except NT on plains, grasslands, Eucalypt woodland, wet and damp valleys and dry sclerophyll forests and grassy open forest. 


This makes an unusual and welcome addition to the home garden with dainty flowers are a lovely shade of blue, perfect as a border plant or mass planting at home in a native garden setting as well as a cottage garden.


50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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