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Toona sinensis - Chinese Mahogany / Red Toon - 20 seeds

Toona sinensis - Chinese Mahogany / Red Toon - 20 seeds

Stunning young foliage that can also be eaten!
This is a fast growing, deciduous, northern eastern Asian native, occurring in woodlands in China, northern India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia growing in fertile, moist, well drained, rich loamy soil reaching up to 20m tall x 8m wide with a trunk to 70cm in diameter.
It has smooth bark that becomes scaly to shaggy with age, leaves are mid to light green, pinnate, 50 - 70cm long x 30 - 40cm wide with 10 - 40 leaflets on each stem, individual leaflets are 9 - 15cm long x 2.5 - 4cm wide with an entire or weakly serrated margin. The new growth is a reddish brown to burgundy, very attractive and edible when cooked.
Flowers occur in Summer on panicles 30 - 50cm long at the ends of branches, each flower is 4 - 5mm in diameter with 5 white or pale pink petals that are richly aromatic and pollinated by insects, followed by the fruit which is a golden coloured capsule, 2 - 3.5cm long and contains several winged seeds.
Best grown in full sun in rich loamy, well drained soils.
This is a long lived ornamental tree that is frost tolerant, and is a great tree for home gardens, parks, as a feature tree, avenue planting or as a Bonsai specimen.
The young shoots and leaves when cooked are said to taste like onions in flavour with a floral scent, usually boiled - leaves contain approximately 6% protein, 1% fat, 6.6% carbohydrates. 1.5% ash, the leaves can also be used as a tea and the bark is used for medicinal uses.
The wood is very durable and easily worked, the timber is hard and reddish and resembles Mahogany, the wood is delicately scented and burnt in temples as incense.
This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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