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Tipuana tipu - Rosewood Tree / Pride of Bolivia / Yellow Jacaranda - 10 seeds

Tipuana tipu - Rosewood Tree / Pride of Bolivia / Yellow Jacaranda - 10 seeds

Makes a gorgeous avenue planting with bright yellow flowers and lovely habit!
This fast growing deciduous to semi deciduous tree is native to South America - Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia reaching up to 30m in its native habitat but usually only to about 10m in cultivation. It has a large trunk that becomes fissured with age and is buttressed at the base and a light spreading crown and branches.
It has mid green foliage that is pinnately compound and a weeping habit, leaflets are 5 - 6cm long, bright yellow 5 petaled open faced, pea like flowers occur in Summer en masse and are pollinated by bees, followed by a legume type pod with one seed at the end, similar to a samara.
This is a very adaptable species, tolerating most soils, salinity, coastal conditions, drought and is frost hardy.
Best in full sun in a medium clay loam, preferring adequate water in warmer months. Be careful when choosing a final position for this tree as the roots are very strong so keep clear of paths and concrete. It also creates a lot of leaf, flower, and seed litter so it creates its own mulch but as the seeds are very viable they should be raked to avoid unwanted seedlings sprouting.
Prune when young to encourage good growth structure and strength.
Makes an amazing ornamental avenue planting, feature tree, garden and park specimen, can be trained as a Bonsai, used for reforestation, soil stabilisation, shade tree, screen, and is nitrogen fixing.
This listing is for 10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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