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Thysanotus multiflorus - Fringed Lily - 20 seeds

Thysanotus multiflorus - Fringed Lily - 20 seeds


The Fringed Lily has glorious purple blue flowers with each petal surrounded by a delicate fringe.  It has a basal rosette and lush, mid green foliage rising in narrow strips from the centre of the plant. 


The contrasting foliage is itself enough to justify with the delicately fringed blooms a bonus.

It blooms profusely with each stem having up to 20 flowers, each is short lived but it flowers from early Spring well into Summer.


This species is a perennial growing to about 50cm, it is a hardy, drought resistant plant that is moderately frost tolerant.


Although this is a Western Australian species, it is quite easy to grow in eastern parts of Australia. 

A sunny, well drained position is vital to ensure maximum flowering.  It also makes a  wonderful pot plant. 


It is easy to grow from seed and no pre-treatment is required, although smoke treatment assists in giving faster and even germination.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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