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Themeda triandra - Kangaroo Grass - 30 seeds

Themeda triandra - Kangaroo Grass - 30 seeds


Themeda triandra, also known as Kangaroo Grass, was once the dominant grass over much of Australia, but it is now much reduced in pastoral areas.  The species is found Australia wide in grassland and woodland communities.

It grows as a tufted perennial which matures through the Summer and is mainly dormant throughout the cooler months.  It can grow to 1.5m in height with a spread of about 50cm, stems are from 10 to 50cm long and several millimetres wide, initially grey to green changing to a pinkish brown as it dries off in the Summer. 

It flowers from late Summer to early Autumn with branching pinkish-brown spikes and long dark awns.

It makes for an attractive low maintenance feature in a native habitat, a rock garden or a more formal setting. It can take full sun to part shade on a range of soils from sand to clay. Once established it is drought resistant and fire tolerant.

Propagation is straightforward, although on occasion seed can be subject to a dormant period of several months in the colder months and may take time to germinate.

Approximately 30 premium quality seeds (not florets as commonly offered) shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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