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Templetonia retusa - Cocky's Tongues - 30 seeds

Templetonia retusa - Cocky's Tongues - 30 seeds


Templetonia retusa is a semi-woody medium density shrub reaching up to 1.8m in height and width with leathery thick grey green leaves.  The red, (rarely yellow or partly yellow) pea style flowers of the Cockies Tongues are up to 5cm long and the plant gets its common name from the similarity to the red crest of the cockatoo. 

This species flowers from early Winter to mid Spring.

This one is native to South Australia and the southern part of Western Australia, but can grow in most cooler temperate to semi-tropical climates with moderate or slightly higher rainfall and is handy in coastal areas as it is resistant to salt spray, it is frost tolerant to -7°C. 

It does not like soils which are heavily acid based and is at its very best in well drained limestone soils.


Templetonia retusa has been in cultivation for many years and it is an attractive and hardy plant suited to a range of climates.  Despite its natural habitat in a dry Mediterranean climate, it has proved to be reliable in the more humid temperate climates of the east coast. 

It requires well drained soils in sun or semi-shade and tolerates at least moderate frost.  Plant in full sun to half shade. 


Propagation is easy from seed - pretreat seed by scarification or hot water treatment. 

30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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