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Tacca chantrieri - Black Bat Plant - 10 seeds

Tacca chantrieri - Black Bat Plant - 10 seeds

This is really a spectacular tropical plant with some of the most unusual flowers around!
It grows are a clumping herbaceous perennial that is native to southern China and SE Asia and is at home in subtropical and tropical climates, naturally growing in the damp, dark understorey of tropical rainforest.
It has large, lance shaped leaves that are a shiny deep green and are up to 50cm long.
The flowers are black to purplish in colour and are held on stems above the foliage in Spring to Summer, flowers consist of 6 lobed umbels that are surrounded by 2 bracts that look like wings and long whisker like threads that reach up to 60cm long.  Amazing flowers that look like a bat!
Best grown in humid climates in part shade with good rich soil and regular water but prevent waterlogging as the rhizomes will rot easily.  Be sure to provide regular water in the hot months but allow to dry out slightly in Winter before watering especially when cold.  Feed regularly during the growing and flowering season fortnightly with a liquid 10-20-10 fertiliser that is diluted by half.
If grown in doors, provide a warm indirect sun lit area.
This is an awesome plant that certainly attracts attention in the garden as a feature!

This listing is for 10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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