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Stackhousia monogyna - Creamy Stackhousia/Creamy Candles - 20 seeds

Stackhousia monogyna - Creamy Stackhousia/Creamy Candles - 20 seeds

Stackhousia monogyna - Creamy Stackhousia / Creamy Candles
Creamy white flower spikes on a pretty Aussie native that is not often offered and rarely seen in cultivation!
This lovely Australian native is a herbaceous annual to short lived perennial with erect leafy stems that arise from a perennial rootstock reaching up 50 - 70cm tall, linear to narrowly obovate leaves, 10 - 30mm long x 1 - 3mm wide and are scattered along the stems.
The inflorescence is a moderately dense cylindrical spike up to 30 - 100mm long that is sometimes branched with solitary creamy white tubular flowers from late Winter to Summer, the flowers are more aromatic at night!
Best in well drained moist soil in part shade, it needs protection from full sun so makes a great understorey planting, perfect for small gardens, cottage gardens and in rockeries.
Found naturally growing in Alpine areas and in coastal districts in heath, grassland, woodland and open forest and is found in all mainland states except for NT.
This species is not widely cultivated and seeds are rarely available so get yours while you can!
This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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