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Solanum lacinatum - Kangaroo Apple - 20 seeds

Solanum lacinatum - Kangaroo Apple - 20 seeds


This lovely short lived but fast growing shrub grows up to 3m tall with dark green leaves that are lighter green underneath with consipcuous veins on succulent stems that turn purplish black, then a rough brown with age.  Bluish to purple coloured, five petalled flowers have bright yellow anthers in Spring to Summer in clusters of 3 - 5 in leaf axils, these are followed by orange to yellow egg shaped berries with a warty appearance when ripe.


This species is closely related to Solanum aviculare.


Best grown in full sun and will grow in most soils and conditions but is sensitive to salt spray and are naturally early colonisers of cleared or disturbed areas.


Can be used as a garden feature, screen, windbreak and for erosion control also has some medicinal uses.

Seeds are easily propagated without the need for any pre-treatment.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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