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Solanum centrale - Bush Tomato / Desert Raisin - 20 Seeds

Solanum centrale - Bush Tomato / Desert Raisin - 20 Seeds


Solanum centrale, commonly known as Bush Tomato, Kutjera or Desert Raisin is a plant of the drier parts of the subtropics and tropics of Australia occurring  in arid, sandy desert areas Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia with an annual rainfall of 150 - 300mm.


This is an evergreen shrub that grows to 30cm in height, has a thorny aspect, grey green leaves and forms suckers from the mother plant.  With good rains it will grow rapidly from the rootstock and fruit prolifically and in years of poor rainfall it can become dormant and die back to the rootstock and may remain such for many years.


The fruit is 1 to 3cm in diameter and yellow when ripe, they dry on the bush and resemble raisins and are rich in vitamin C, having a strong, pungent taste similar to Tamarillo and caramel.  Fruit can be eaten raw or cooked, small quantities can be eaten fresh or the dried, shrivelled fruits can be ground into a powder or preserved in oil. Fruiting in the wild occurs for two months in late Autumn, however, there are several Indigenous Australian communities that grow the plant commercially and it has been found that sufficient water will extend fruiting to 8 months.


Prefers a well drained soil in an warm open sunny position, tolerates dry conditions once establish but produces extended fruiting if an adequate supply of water is provide.  Drought resistant and moderately frost tolerant. 


There are warnings associated with this fruit - green fruit contains the toxin Solanine and only fully ripened fruit should be eaten and there are several related species which look like Solanum centrale but the fruit remains toxic even after ripening.


This plant requires smoke pre-treatment for germination.


 This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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