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Sloanea australis - Maiden's Blush/Blush Carabeen/Blush Alder/Cudgerie - 10 seed

Sloanea australis - Maiden's Blush/Blush Carabeen/Blush Alder/Cudgerie - 10 seed

A rarely offered Australian native rainforest tree seed, get it while you can!
This east Australian native rainforest tree grows up to 30m tall in its native habitat but usually much smaller in cultivation, reaching up to 10m tall in god conditions.
It has an irregularly buttressed trunk, being somewhat irregular and crooked or leaning with a canopy of obovate leaves, new foliage pink to reddish.
Creamy white flowers that are slightly perfumed occur in Spring to Summer, these are followed by hard, hairy rounded to oblong seed pods that feel like velvet or felt. They open up to a star shape when ripe to reveal one or two dark seeds that are covered with a bright red/orange coloured aril.
These seeds hang down from the pods so if you are slow, they will drop onto the ground before you can collected them, this makes them rarely offered by seed. We have been very lucky to collect these seeds from our own tree this year, they look plump and viable so get yours while they are available!
Best grown in full sun to part shade in moist soils but can be grown in most soil types.
The natural distribution for this species is from Bateman's Bay in southern NSW up to Cape Tribulation in tropical QLD, found growing widespread in all types of warmer rainforest, well developed on richer soils along watercourses from sea level to the lower ranges.
Attracts birds, bees and beetles, so there is usually a flurry of activity while the Sloanea is in flower and setting seed. The flowers make a great addition to floral arrangements and the tree is a welcome addition to gardens in subtropical to tropical climates.
Rarely offered by seed so get yours quick while they are still in stock!
This listing is for 10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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