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Siegfriedia darwinoides - Siegfriedia - 30 seeds

Siegfriedia darwinoides - Siegfriedia - 30 seeds

A really unusual small shrub with funky flowers!
This Aussie native grows as a many branching and spreading shrub, 0.2 - 1m tall with deep green leaves and the unusual and attractive flower heads are bell like with larger yellow green to mustard orange, toothed, and very conspicuous and flowers profusely over an extended period - up to 9 months! Flowering usually occurs from Winter to Spring or through to the Summer.
Grows naturally in WA on gravelly loam, sandy soils or clays on flats and ridges.
Best in well drained soil in full sun, it is frost hardy, drought tolerant and can be pruned to shape if required or desired.
This is really an unusual shrub that is dainty, elegant and is quite a beauty!
This listing is for 30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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