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Sesbania grandiflora - Vegetable Hummingbird / Agati - 20 seeds

Sesbania grandiflora - Vegetable Hummingbird / Agati - 20 seeds


This is a fast growing east Asian tree growing up to 15m in height with an open crown of loose branches with feathery rounded green leaves.  Flowers are attractive, an oblong shape and can be shades of white, pink and red, the fruit that follows in flat, long and thin similar to beans.  


Flowers, seedpods, young leaves and shoots can be eaten raw or cooked, seeds can also be fermented into tempeh, bark yields a clear gum and used in foods a a substitute for gum arabic.  It also has medicinal uses - sprains, bruises, swelling, rheumatism, itching, diarrhea, colic, dysentery, diabetes, fever, sinus congestion and malaria.

It can be also used as a green manure crop to improve soil conditions and fixes nitrogen in the soil, as a soil stabiliser and is also is a major source of pulp for making paper.

Great as a windbreak, shade tree or as a feature and attracts birds and insects.


It is suitable in a wide range of soils and conditions but grows best in hot humid climates in moist to wet well drained soils in full sun.

Drought tolerant but not tolerant of windy conditions.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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