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Sesbania formosa - White Dragon Tree - 15 seeds

Sesbania formosa - White Dragon Tree - 15 seeds


The White Dragon Tree is a small tree growing to less than 3.5m in height and is an Australian native whose natural habitat is north west Australia where it naturally found along watercourses.  Much of the natural range of this tree, which takes in the Mandora Salt Marsh the Great Sandy Desert area, is arid desert area with limited watercourses and swamps.  


The exceptionally large yellowish green pea shaped flowers are arranged in long racemes that come in great masses very conspicuous from afar.  Each flower is large, up to 7.5cm long, the flowering period occurs over a long period, but can be somewhat variable and is believed to be related to the erratic rainfall in the north west.  The foliage is also highly attractive with leaves up to 30 or 40cm long and broken into many small leaflets. 

This is an extremely fast growing tree in its tropical habitat and would make a stunning addition to any garden with a warm climate and summer rainfall or a plentiful water supply.  Its watercourse habitat is suggestive of a preference for moist if not permanently wet soils, but this could be duplicated by supplementary summer watering.  It has not been cultivated widely in Australia, but it is well worth trying in warm areas.

Cultivation is from seed without any particular requirement for pre-treatment.

15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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