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Sequoia sempervirens - Coast Redwood - 30 seeds

Sequoia sempervirens - Coast Redwood - 30 seeds

Sequoia sempervirens, variously known as the Californian Redwood, Coast Redwood or Giant Redwood - an icon of the Sierras and this stupendous tree grows anywhere from 60 to 110m tall, the tallest living species on Earth they are natures skyscraper. 
In Australian terms it is only rivalled by the Mountain Ash - Eucalyptus regnans which is the worlds largest flowering tree.  Either one is just a tad large for the usual backyard, but they go great with the acreage mountain retreat and they make excellent Bonsai subjects. 
Native to the west coast of USA redwood has thick, furrowed bark in a rich red brown, in Bonsai subjects often excoriating to reveal fascinating colour combinations in the trunk as shown below.  The dark green needle-like foliage and the small decorative cones make an attractive feature.
The tree can grow in a range of soils in full sun or part shade (while young anyway) and is moderately frost tolerant. 
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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