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Schinus molle - Pepperina / Chilean Pepper Tree - 20 seeds

Schinus molle - Pepperina / Chilean Pepper Tree - 20 seeds


Schinus molle is an evergreen small tree native to Southern and Western America, growing 6 to 8m tall with a multi-branching crown and an attractive weeping habit of dark green feathery/ferny foliage that is aromatic. 


Small white flowers are produced in long panicles at the ends of branches in Spring to Autumn which are then followed by round shiny pink to red berries that hang down from the tree giving a lovely contrast against the foliage.


The trunk is interesting and becomes gnarled and burls as it ages – a great feature for Bonsai! 


Schinus mole is wind and frost tolerant and can grow on stony sites and steep slopes.  It is a great choice for the subtropics, as a feature tree, screen or a Bonsai specimen.


Note that the tree sap can cause dermatitis so be sure to take care when handling.


20 premium quality shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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