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Samanea saman - Monkey Pod Tree / Rain Tree - 15 Seeds

Samanea saman - Monkey Pod Tree / Rain Tree - 15 Seeds

Samanea saman, commonly known as the Monkey Pod Tree or Rain Tree is a stunning large shade tree with a large dome-shaped canopy and is native to the Central American jungles where it will grow to well over 30m in height with a spread of perhaps 50m!  The attractive wood is crafted into platters and bowls that are commonly marketed in Hawaii and the pods have a sweet, sticky brown pulp, and are fed to cattle in Central America. 
A lofty canopied tree with a large symmetrical crown, it gets its name from the fern-like leaflets close up at night, permitting rain to fall through to the grass beneath.  The long black pods and the leaves are used for fodder. 
It produces beautiful glowing pink flowers in Summer but these may occur sporadically throughout the year and these are followed by attractive green and black pods that contain a sweet pulp that is eaten by monkeys in its jungle habitat.
This species is very tolerant of heavy pruning and can be maintained at any desired height by judicious pruning. 
It is not often realised that this magnificent tree can be raised inside in containers and makes a wonderful Bonsai plant!
Samanea saman likes full sun to partial shade in good deep rich soil.  It is a tropical and is not frost tolerant but as with other rain forest species it can grow indoors or on a veranda or patio until too large.
15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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