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Ricinocarpos bowmanii - Western Wedding Bush - 20 seeds

Ricinocarpos bowmanii - Western Wedding Bush - 20 seeds


This Australian native grows as a stiff rounded shrub 1m tall x 1m wide with thin branches and narrow olive green foliage that is paler and hairy beneath, 2cm long with recurved margins.


Flowers are five petalled, white and star shaped occurring in Spring and Summer - male flowers are produced in terminal clusters of 3 - 6 and female flowers are borne singly or within the male clusters, the fruit that follows is a globular capsule and splits open when ripe to release 3 mottled seeds.


It is moderately frost tolerant and drought resistant.

Best in a sunny sheltered position in well drained soil but can be grown in part shade.

Prune lightly after flowering to help maintain vigour and a bushy habit, application of a complete fertiliser in Spring and Autumn to encourage new healthy growth and leaf litter mulch is appreciated.


This species is common in woodlands and on hillsides west of the Great Dividing Range in QLD and NSW.

It makes a great garden specimen in a rockery garden beds and background plant.

Seed germination can be difficult but not impossible!  It can be erratic, better success has been had by soaking seeds in almost boiling water prior to sowing.


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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