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Podocarpus elatus - Illawarra Plum Pine / Brown Pine - 10 seeds

Podocarpus elatus - Illawarra Plum Pine / Brown Pine - 10 seeds


Podocarpus elatus is a slow growing Australian native bush tucker species that is a rainforest tree that is endemic to the East coast of Australia, has dark brown bark that is often fissured and scaly on older trees and has oblong to linear green leaves and the fruit that is produced is made up of two segments - the hard inedible seed and a large purple to black berry that is 2.5cm wide that ripen from Autumn to Winter.

It is dioecious so both male and female trees are needed to produce fruit - the male cones are catkin like, cylindrical in shape to 3cm long and grow in axillary clusters, the female cones are axillary stalked and are solitary.


This is a great bush tucker species that both Indigenous Australians and European colonists enjoyed, it can be eaten fresh or cooked, made into jams and preserves - it is delicious any way that it is eaten.

It also attracts birds that help disperse the seeds.


Occurs naturally in well developed rainforest but is more abundant in drier rainforest.


This is an ornamental tree as well as being a bush tucker species, makes a great addition to the home garden, in parks, as a street tree or as a large screen.


10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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