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Plumeria species - Mixed Colour Frangipani - 10 seeds

Plumeria species - Mixed Colour Frangipani - 10 seeds

This tropical ornamental tree is spectacular when in full bloom in the warmer months from Spring all the way through to Autumn and comes in a range of colours from white, pink, maroon and multicolours! 


When grown from seed, there is no guarantee what colour you will get, but I think that is half the fun and I know I love a surprise!  
Frangipani is an iconic tropical tree which is deciduous although there is an evergreen variety (not these seeds) that has stiff leathery leaves to 30cm long ad 10cm wide, ovate to oblong with a pointed apex and prominent marginal vein. 


These leaves are clustered toward the ends of the branches along with the waxy flowers that appear from Spring onward in an amazing range of colours and are very aromatic.


Brown pods follow the flowers that are 15 to 30cm long and spit open when ripe to release many winged seeds that blow away in the wind.  
In the Autumn to Winter the plants will lose their leaves and then re-shoot in the Spring.
Note that Frangipani has a milky sap and can cause skin irritation - gloves to be worn and keep away from mouth and eyes.
Frangipani does not tolerate the cold and is best grown in well drained, slightly acidic potting mix or soil in full sun but will tolerate part shade.

Seeds have been hand collected from a range of different coloured flower trees and mixed so there is no guarantee of a specific flower colour being included with your seed packet.


10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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