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Pleiogynium timorense - Burdekin Plum - 5 seeds

Pleiogynium timorense - Burdekin Plum - 5 seeds

Pleiogynium timorense, commonly known as Burdekin plum is a tropical, rainforest tree which may reach 20m in height but which is usually smaller in cultivation and is found naturally in vine thickets, gallery rainforest and along creek lines in tropical Queensland and Papua New Guinea.
Burdekin Plum has a dark grey trunk and often glossy, compound leaves, they are dark, shiny green with bronze new growth.  Flowers are relatively inconspicuous with male and female flowers occurring on separate trees these occur in Winter and Spring and the fruits ripen in Summer and Autumn. 
Burdekin Plum are used as a food by Indigenous Australians.  The large, black, globular or pumpkin shaped fruit can vary in taste, those that have red to purplish flesh are quite tart, those with a pale greenish white flesh are milder but less tasty.  Some fruit are half red, half white, and these are delicious! 
Fruit do not ripen on the tree, but must be stored, either buried in sand or kept in paper bags in a dark spot for a few days.  They can either be eaten raw, cooked into jam or jelly, used to flavour meat, or to make wine.  A ripe fruit is mostly water (73%), but has moderate levels of energy, fat, vitamin C and is high in fibre and most minerals.
The timber is regarded as one of the best native timbers by wood turners.
The tree is a hardy and attractive species for subtropical and tropical areas.  It is fairly slow growing and is best suited to well drained, reasonably rich, moist soils.


Propagation is usually carried out from seed but cuttings are also successful.
5 very large premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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