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Pittosporum phylliraeoides - Gumby Gumby - 30 seeds

Pittosporum phylliraeoides - Gumby Gumby - 30 seeds

Pittosporum phylliraeoides, commonly known as Gumby Gumby is an evergreen tree growing to approximately 8m in height and 4m in width that is found naturally in most states in the drier inland of Australia.
It has a weeping form with pendulous branches, leaves are narrow lanceolate to 10cm and bark is grey to white and mottled.  In the Spring and Summer it produces small, lightly fragrant bell shaped flowers in a creamy yellow. 
These are followed by 2cm orange to yellow berries that give it its alternate common name of Native Apricot and the berries split and release bright red seed.  Fruit is attractive but not edible to humans although birds do enjoy it.  Foliage is attractive to browsing livestock and it is not uncommon to see this tree in a "standard" form when it grows wild.
This is a frost hardy species that can take dry conditions, grows equally well in inland, coastal or tableland situations and makes a good street tree, particularly in drier conditions and likes a well-drained position in full sun.
30 premium quality seeds shipped receipt of cleared funds.  
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