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Pipturis argenteus - Native Mulberry - 20 seeds

Pipturis argenteus - Native Mulberry - 20 seeds

An interesting and delicious Bush Tucker fruit!
This grows as a fast growing, straggly shrub or small tree growing up to 6m talloccurring naturally in subtropical, dry and riverine rainforest, north from Lismore NSW up to northern QLD.
It has elliptical mid green to dark green leaves above and silvery underneath with a dense covering of white hairs with finely toothed margins, the stems are very soft and can be broken easily.
Flowers are white and occur in small clusters, male and female flowers are found growing on separate plants in Summer to Winter, flowers are then followed by small, soft mulberry like fruit to 6mm in diameter and ripen from late Autumn to Winter.  The fruit is eaten as a Bush Tucker fruit and they are sweet but can be variable in taste, the fruit is covered in seeds just like strawberries.
It is a host plant for many butterflies ad other insects.
Indigenous Australians had other uses for this plant - the bark yields a brown dye, is used to make fibre for fishing nets and to make cloth.
Seeds are grown very easily from seeds and plants are fast growing, often used as a pioneer species.

This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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