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Pinus radiata - Radiata Pine / Monterey Pine / Insignis Pine - 10 seeds

Pinus radiata - Radiata Pine / Monterey Pine / Insignis Pine - 10 seeds

One of the most popular Pine Trees, easy to grow and makes a great Bonsai!
This Pine tree grows 15 - 30m tall x 90cm , sometimes can reach up to 50m tall in diameter in its native habitat occurring in a narrow stretch of coast in southern California and two small islands off the coast of Mexico.
It has a straight or contorted cylindrical trunk with thick, dark reddish bark that is deeply furrowed with scaly ridges.
The crown is broadly conic becoming rounded to flattened with large and spreading branches, needle like leaves are 7.5 - 15cm long, grouped in threes and are enclosed within a sheath at their base.
The Pine cones are clearly visible on the tree, female cones being ovoid to egg shaped, 7 - 17cm long and are often used in craft activities.
This Pine tree grows 10 x faster than most Eucalyptus species and provides larger yeilds of usable timber in a shorter time than many other native species, the timber is useful and is used in a variety of applications. The timber is a softwood being a creamy colour with distinct growth rings, the grain is straight and is easily worked.
It has a wide tolerance to different sites and rainfall conditions but performs poorly in heavy clay soils, it is frost and cold hardy but can be damaged by heavy snowfalls.
Makes a great and easy to grow Bonsai specimen!
This listing is for 10 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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