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Picea pungens glauca - Colorado Blue Spruce - 30 Seeds

Picea pungens glauca - Colorado Blue Spruce - 30 Seeds


Picea pungens glauca, commonly known as the Colorado Blue Spruce originates from the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming and Colorado in the USA. 


It is a tall, straight conifer growing to over 25m in height and reaches diameters of 30 to 40cm.  The stiff needles curve upwards and are covered in a silvery glaucous wax that gives the tree its characteristic blue colour and the cones which are cylindrical, start off green turning pale brown as they ripen.

Colorado Blue Spruce forms a tall stately upright growing conifer that is ideal for adding structure to the garden during the Winter months.  This is a slow growing tree that looks particularly good when planted with other contrasting conifers and heathers but is most commonly used as an individual specimen and makes an attractive grove or windbreak tree.  

It will thrive on any fertile, moisture-retentive but free draining soil with a neutral to acidic pH.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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