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Physalis peruviana - Dwarf Cape Gooseberry/Inca Berry/Uvilla - 30 seeds

Physalis peruviana - Dwarf Cape Gooseberry/Inca Berry/Uvilla - 30 seeds

Deliciously acidic fruit that is not often available at the fruit shop!
This Gooseberry that is native to South America is the dwarf form and grows up to 90cm tall, it is a frost tender perennial but is often grown as an annual. 
It has cute small yellow flowers with dark centres in Winter and are self pollinating, these are followed by the tasty fruit, yellow to orange in colour, approximately 3cm in diameter and is encased in a pale brown to tan lantern like calyx (called the cape) in Spring to Summer, the fruit is aromatic and full of tiny seeds. These usually take 140 days to mature and the plants are most productive in the first two years, then it is best to replace with new, more vigorous fruiting plants.
Ripe fruits will store well in their papery husks for a few weeks if kept cool and dry, they are sweetly acidic and can be eaten fresh, cooked or dried in both sweet and savoury dishes.
Makes a great container specimen or planted out in garden beds, they are ornamental as well as edible - note that this is a member of the Nightshade family so the unripe fruit, leaves and flowers are poisonous and fruit should only be eaten when ripe.
Best grown in subtropical climates, although does perform well in other climates, in full sun to part shade in moist well drained soils, it is drought tolerant once established but does appreciate supplementary watering during the flowering and fruiting period.
This listing is for 30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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