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Phlebodium aureum - Blue Star Fern - 50 spores

Phlebodium aureum - Blue Star Fern - 50 spores

A gorgeous fern with blue green foliage that is very attractive!
This south and north American native reaches about 60cm tall, sometimes can be taller and grows as an epiphyte with a creeping rhizome and has elongated fronds that are blue green in colour, the fronds develop more lobes as the plant matures and can also grow furry aerial roots.
The creeping rhizome allows it to grow on trees in a non parasitic way and this helps is reach high into tree canopies.
Best in filtered light to shade in moist, well drained soils and appreciated humid climates but can still grow well in drier areas.
Makes a great garden specimen, as an epiphyte on trees, mulch after planting to retain soil moisture and regulate soil temperatures as the young plant establishes. Old fronds can be cut back to keep up a neat appearance, new fronds will unfurl when they are ready to!
Spores of this species are not often available and hard to get so get them while they're in stock!
This listing is for 50 premium quality spores shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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