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Paulownia tomentosa - Princess Tree - 100+ Seeds

Paulownia tomentosa - Princess Tree - 100+ Seeds


Paulownia tomentosa, variously known as the Empress tree, Princess Tree or Royal Paulownia, is one of those trees that hardly needs any introduction!   

Originating in Asia and grown in China from antiquity it is a showy ornamental that has naturalised throughout much of the world.  


As with many legends, the facts can get distorted but given optimum conditions it can grow 3m in a year and it is the worlds fastest growing hardwood, in the Spring it produces masses of large light pink to mauve bell shaped flowers that are very showy and delightfully perfumed. 


It is a good shade tree and an excellent timber tree and the foliage has a high nitrogen content making it a useful fodder species.

Paulownia can reach about 15m at maturity with a spread of about the same, can grow in a range of soils and also take the frostiest or hottest of Australian conditions. 


Propagation from seed is easy and reliable.

100+ premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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