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Paulownia fortunei - Dragon Tree / Fortune Empress Tree - 50 seeds

Paulownia fortunei - Dragon Tree / Fortune Empress Tree - 50 seeds

An amazing feature tree that can also be used as a Bonsai specimen with fabulous flowers!
This is a great fast growing tree with a conical crown growing up to 30m tall, but often less than 20m with a straight bole that can reach up to 200cm in diameter. It is deciduous in temperate climates and evergreen in tropical areas, with attractive heart shaped leaves to 22.5cm long.
It has gorgeous tubular to bell shaped, violet flowers that occur in clusters at the ends of branches In Spring and are very ornamental and sweetly scented.
Paulownia fotunei is native to eastern Asia - eastern and southern China, Vietnam and Laos on mountain slopes, mountain valleys, wastelands and at elevations up to 2000m. 
It is moderately cold hardy and needs protection from strong winds as the leaves are susceptible to be wind burnt and branches tend to be brittle.
It has great range of uses - it has increasingly being grown as a plantation timber with light but strong wood, it can build up humus levels and fertility in soils, has a high potential for use in phytoremediation project either as a means of removing heavy metals or locking them up and helping to restore fertility in soils. 
Makes a fabulous avenue planting, shade tree, feature or Bonsai specimen.
Best grown in warm temperate to tropical climates in full sun, an open position in deep moderately fertile, moist but well drained soils.
This listing is for 50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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