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Patersonia sericea - Native Iris / Silky Purple Flag - 20 seeds

Patersonia sericea - Native Iris / Silky Purple Flag - 20 seeds

Cute blue to purple flowers held above the foliage, makes a great addition to the garden!
This Australian native grows as a densely tufting herbaceous perennial with tough, stiff leaves that are usually flat but can be slightly cylindrical and are arranged in a line on either side of the flower stem, up to 30cm long x 2 - 6mm wide arising from a clump at the base.
The flowers occur from Winter to Summer and are held on leafless stems 40 - 60cm tall, sitting higher than the foliage with brown to black silky hairy bracts, delicate, single blue to purple flowers with 3 broad sepals, 3 smaller petals and 3 yellow stamens.
The flowers only open for a single day but they flower over a long period with flowers opening one after the other on sunny days. Seed capsules that follow are ovoid-cylindrical, 15-30mm long, containing cylindrical brown seeds with a waxy bloom, 2.5-3mm long.
Best grown in full sun to part shade in gravelly to sandy soil. It is drought and frost tolerant.
It occurs along the coast, tablelands and western slopes in VIC, NSW and QLD growing in dry sclerophyll forest, woodland and heath.
Great in rockeries, in garden beds and as an understorey planting.
This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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