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Patersonia glabrata - Native Purple Iris - 15 Seeds

Patersonia glabrata - Native Purple Iris - 15 Seeds


Patersonia glabrata is one of about 17 species of Patersonia (Iridaceae family) or Native Iris found throughout Australia with some species extending into south east Asia - this is one of the pretty purple flowering species.

A striking, tough, clumping Iris-like plant to about 30cm tall and wide it bears bright purple flowers to 2.5cm across on stalks that are usually longer than the leaves.  Flowers are only short-lived but produced in succession and make a delightful display in the Spring. In Australia this species is found along the east coast from Queensland to Victoria so they can take a variety of climates and are frost hardy to at least -7°C.

This species is easy to propagate from seed, good drainage is appreciated and full sun is required to give maximum flowering performance.

15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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