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Passiflora herbertiana - Native Passionfruit - 15 seeds

Passiflora herbertiana - Native Passionfruit - 15 seeds

Passiflora herbertiana is one of three passionfruit native to Australia - The others are Passiflora aurantia and Passiflora cinnabarina.  This is tendril climber that occurs naturally from tropical north east Queensland south to Narooma in New South Wales.
The foliage is dark green and have 3 to 5 short lobes up to 10cm in length and 8cm in width.
Attractive creamy yellow to a delicate yellow to orange coloured flowers are produced in the leaf axils in the spring, although it is not uncommon for flowers to appear at any time during the warmer months.
Fruit is rounded, to 5cm in diameter, light to mid green with darker spots, it is edible and quite tasty and can be used fresh, as a condiment or in a refreshing drink.
Passiflora herbertiana likes well drained soil with plenty of moisture in the growing season, otherwise it is not fussy.  It has only limited frost tolerance, although growing experience in the northern hemisphere has shown that the roots are quite hardy and will shoot again provided that that the soil around the roots does not freeze. 


It is a quick growing species that will flower and fruit in the same year if it regenerates from its roots.
15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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