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Pandorea jasminoides - Bower of Beauty - 30 seeds

Pandorea jasminoides - Bower of Beauty - 30 seeds

Pandorea jasminoides, also known as the Bower of Beauty is an evergreen vigorous climber that is native to tropical and subtropical rainforests as well as warm temperate areas of eastern QLD through to northern NSW.
It has glossy green foliage that is dense and makes a great screen on a fence or trellis, the flowers are a pale pink with darker pink to purple throats with hairy centres up to 6cm long appearing predominantly in Spring and Summer but can occur at other times of the year.  They put on a spectacular show when in full bloom and attract bees and other insects.
The fruit that follows is a light green oblong capsule that matures to brown, the boat shaped pods split and contain many seeds with circular wings that get blown away in the wind.
Pandorea is a low maintenance vine that once established doesn't usually need supplementary watering and does benefit from a light dose of a slow release water soluble fertiliser during the growing period.
This is frost tender so not suitable for areas with high frost.
Pruning after flowering can limit growth or you can prune to shape - can also be trained into a standard and responds well to hard pruning.
When choosing a final position, be sure that it is appropriate as this vine does develop a strong root system, so steer clear of pipes and drains, etc.
This is an excellent choice for a fast growing screen for a fence or trellis, it attracts bees and is also good for erosion control.
Seeds are easy to propagate without the need for any pre-treatment, best done in Spring and stem cuttings or layering in Summer.
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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