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Nyssa sinensis - Chinese Black Tupelo - 10 Seeds

Nyssa sinensis - Chinese Black Tupelo - 10 Seeds

Nyssa sinensis commonly known as Chinese Tupelo is a frost hardy, fast growing deciduous tree native to China.
Growing to some 10 to 12m in height and almost as wide and has an attractive rounded shape at maturity, like many other Nyssa, young trees grow with a pyramidal habit. 
The 20cm long, green leaves are very attractive and turn brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange in autumn.
Small, greenish white flowers appear in the Spring in axillary clusters are insignificant and do not merit much attention, they are then followed by small blue fruits which are popular with scavenging birds.  Bee keepers seek out the Tupelos while in bloom, because Tupelo honey is particularly distinct and flavoursome. 
They grow best in Melbourne, Hobart, the mountains, and cool, elevated sites in Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. 
Most plants are produced from seed which should be stratified by placing in plastic bags with moist sand and refrigerated for a minimum of 30 days.  Following removal from stratification, seeds germinate under warm and moist conditions in about 3 weeks.
10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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