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Nephrolepis falcata furcans - Fishtail Sword Fern - 50 spores

Nephrolepis falcata furcans - Fishtail Sword Fern - 50 spores

A large sword fern that has lovely flowing fronds with fishtail ends!
This fast growing and long lived Australian native fern grows as a terrestrial or epiphytic fern, up to 1m tall x 60cm wide with short, erect rhizomes that are covered in dark brown scales and produces threadlike stolons where the young plants emerge from, the fronds are bright green to yellowish green (depending on how much sunlight they receive), the tufed stipes have pinnate fronds that are broadly lanceolate, 35 - 120cm long x 10cm wide. The many sessile pinnae have textured edges that fork 1 - 3 times and have a fishtail like appearance.
Sori are round in shape and are borne on the undersides of the pinnae along the margins and are also a feature.
Makes a great container specimen, used in garden beds, as an understorey plant, in hanging baskets or as an epiphyte in the forks of tree branches.
It has some edible and traditional medicinal uses.
Best grown in soft filtered light but can take sunny positions, foliage will become more yellow the more sunlight it receives, thrives in damp but well drained soils that is rich in nutrients and loves humid climates.
It is sensitive to frost and wind but tolerates drought although best growth occurs when supplementary watering is applied in dry spells.
These spores are not widely available and are often very hard to get!
This listing is for 50 premium quality spores shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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