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Nepenthes madagascariensis - Pitcher Plant - 15 seeds

Nepenthes madagascariensis - Pitcher Plant - 15 seeds


In their natural habitat on the eastern coast of Madagascar, tropical Pitcher Plants usually grow as vines, climbing all over other plants, sometimes up in the forest canopy as epiphytes or even as little clumping shrubs reaching up to 1m high.  The Pitcher Plant forms a rosette habit, the leaves are long and lance shaped, at the ends a tendril forms, these tendrils are used to support it as it climbs then the trap itself forms from this, growing to full size over several weeks.


The Pitcher lid opens up to reveal digestive fluids at the bottom of the traps, prey is attached by the bright colours and the nectar produced under the lid and around the rim.  This has a smooth lining and the insects and small animals can't grip onto this slippery surface and fall into it, quickly losing their footing and slipping into the nectar at the bottom, the nectar is very intoxicating


15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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