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Nandina domestica - Sacred Bamboo - 30 Seeds

Nandina domestica - Sacred Bamboo - 30 Seeds

Sacred Bamboo or Heavenly Bamboo is actually a member of the barberry family that has a striking resemblance to Bamboo with its lightly branched cane-like stems and delicate fine textured foliage.
A shrub growing to about 2m has leaves intricately divided into many pointed oval leaves creating a lacy pattern with the new foliage in a pink and bronze changing on maturity to a delicate light green.  Leaves pick up purple and bronze tints in the Autumn and often turns fiery crimson in the Winter, particularly when exposed to sun and frost.  It has pinkish white or creamy white flowers in late Spring or early Summer followed by shiny red berries. 
This plant likes full sun to partial shade, is frost tolerant and can grow happily indoors. 
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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